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Eagle PCB to Stencels files


How do I make stencile file with Eagle PCB software. What layer to I need. Is there a CAM job for this.



We need the stencil layer, which is also called the paste or cream layer. It should look similar to the solder mask layer, except that you will only see the apertures for the surface mount pads. (The solder mask also usually has expansions around the pads, whereas the paste mask apertures are usually the same size as the corresponding copper pads.)

- Jan


I can see the cream layer in Eagle CAD, but how do I give you just that layer?


I haven’t used Eagle, but whatever you do to generate the other layer gerber files should apply to the stencil layer. You probably get a bunch of files when you generate the gerbers, so you need to figure out which one is the stencil layer (it should just have the SMT apertures) and submit that. Make sure you don’t confuse it with the solder mask layer, which might look similar but will have expanded apertures and also openings for all of your through-hole pads or vias.

- Jan