Dual motor controller with RC

Which simple motor controller would be best to use with wheelchair motor?

Pololu item 1383: Pololu Simple High-Power Motor Controller 24v23 OR
RoboClaw 2x25A Motor Controller


Could you post the datasheet for your motor or its voltage rating and stall current?


I can’t find the datasheet for these two motors. It was removed from a Jazzy wheelchair.I know it’s powerful, can move a 350lbs person with these two motor at a speed of 3.7mph.Do you think the 24v23A simple motor controller can handle it or do I have to buy the roboclaw 24v30A?
Any help would be great

Wheel chair motors are generally more powerful than either of those motor controllers can handle. You might consider the RoboClaw 2x60A, which is the highest power RoboClaw we carry, but it could possibly still be under powered. I recommend searching for examples of the controllers that others have used with wheelchair motors to get an idea what scale of controller you will need.