DSM44 cannot rotate many degrees

Hi, I bought a DSM44 servo. I wrongly assumed it could rotate more than 180 degrees, but the default with 20ms pulses is ~90 degrees max., while the max is ~135 degrees with 32ms pulses from my Micro Maestro 6. I tested the range with the Maestro Control Center. 32ms is the max allowed from the Maestro Control Center apparently. (I do not need to control more than two servos, so I do not know if there’s a way to increase the pulse periods)

Can you confirm this is the limit of this servo, and, more importantly could you suggest a few alternative servo models which allow a rotation of 180 degrees or more? I prefer a fast, micro servo, although it’s not necessary it to be micro.



According to the Power HD datasheet for the DSM44 servo, that servo normally has a range of 90 degrees and maximum of 125 degrees. A 90 degree range is typical for most standard servos. If you want a greater range, you should find a servo that specifically has that feature. However, I do not have a suggestion for a specific servo or where you might find one.

By the way, it looks like you have a typo; you probably meant 2ms instead of 20ms. Also, the Maestro’s maximum and minimum servo pulse length limitations are discussed in the Maestro Settings Limitations section in the user’s guide.