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DRV8838/8833 parts for Fritzing

I have been using DRV8838 and DRV8833 carrier boards for DC-latching solenoid values. The circuit now works, but need to make PCBs to mount all the components (and DRV8838/3 carrier boards).

I do notice there are few (but only a few) Pololu parts in Fritzing library. And have read the related posts which basically say that Pololu does not have immediate plans to make Fritzing parts.

I understand that the priorities have to be followed. My question therefore is: is it possible make Fritzing parts for only DRV8838 and DRV8833 sooner?



Unfortunately, at this point, we do not have a time frame for when (or if) we might have Fritzing files available for any of our boards. (It is not something we are actively working on right now.) If you find (or make) a Fritzing file for those boards, we would love to hear about it.