DRV8835 + Tamiya 70189


Recently I purchased DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Carrier and
Tamiya 70189 Mini Motor Low-Speed Gearbox (4-Speed) Kit.

The motor works when it was connected to two 1.5 V x 2 batteries.
However, when the gearbox was wired to the driver, and all of powers (motor and logic),
and PWM signal was applied, the motor didn’t work.

In this case, what should I check?
the voltage between two pins for the motor batter was 3V and
that for the logic power was 5V.

Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.


Could you please give me some additional information? What type of batteries are you using? Could you measure their voltage and tell me what it is? Also, could you post the code you are using and pictures of your setup?


I had the same problem, and if you are using the FA-130 motors that come with those, the noise could be generating voltage spikes that could destroy the driver. If that is true, you aught to get the new low noise replacements for that motor, which is made by Pololu

Good luck!!