DRV8835 - problem with connecting to Arduino, guide needed

First, I need to say I’m a complete newbie to electronics and although I know a little bit about Arduino and did some basic projects using a starter kit, I’m new to soldering and cannot always correctly read a scematic or wiring diagram, for which I apologize.

I’m having a rpoblem with connecting the DRV8835 motor driver to an Arduino Uno. It’s the basic driver, not a shield. I soldered the goldpins and I try to connect it to an arduino by the schematic on the website, but it doesn’t work. I want to power a Tamiya 70097 gearbox, the motors run (checked by a battery set), the Arduino code is good too (I think), but I need a step-by-step guide to connect the wires.
If someone could make a photocast or a video how to do it, I would be much grateful. I searched the Internet but found nothing.
Sorry for my lack of skills!
I can provide the code if needed.

I am sorry you are having trouble connecting to your DRV8835. Can you tell me more about your setup? How are you supplying power? Can you post pictures that show how you are connecting everything and the simplest version of your code that you think should work but doesn’t?

By the way, the DRV8835 is not very appropriate for driving those Tamiya motors. We posted in another thread about the issues that come up when using them together. I recommend either using the DRV8833 or replacing your Tamiya motors with these lower power versions.