DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver in CNC setup


I’m sorry in advance if my topic is in the wrong place… (I’m new to de forum :slight_smile: )

I’m trying to build my first CNC Router and I’m thinking to use an arduino uno-cnc shield setup, but I have some doubts. I’m thinking using a 2.5A/phase (Zyltech 23HD56005Y-21B stepper motor) because it’s the most powerful motor you can get in the 2.5A category.
Is the DRV8825 Driver capable of delivering the 2.5A continuously? (considering I will use a nice cooling system for the board).
At 2.5A the max voltage is 24V and the motor requires about 62V to perform at it´s best, so it will pull the 24Vmax all the time…
Is it a good idea to use this setup or will it be too hard on the electronics to run always on the upper limits?
Thanks in advance!


In our testing here, we found the boards can provide about 1.5A/phase continuously without any supplementary cooling. The amount of extra current the board can provide depends on the cooling system, but it is not very practical to get 2.5A/phase out (also, the current sensing resistors we use do not allow settings above 2.2A). Unfortunately, we do not have any other boards we would expect to work well at that sort of current.

Also, the absolute maximum voltage for the DRV8825 board is 45V. That voltage is not related to the current limit. If you are interested, there is an explanation of how current limiting drivers like the DRV8825 can be used with higher supply voltages on the FAQ for the driver. You might also be interested in this thread on our forum, which discusses how the supply voltage affects the maximum step rate.


Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately was expecting that…
These drivers are perfect for small 3D or laser engraver machines, so I’m still going to buy four with the cnc shield for future projects :slight_smile: