DRV8825 issue for me

Hi. I have purchased a CNC kit from Zyltech and it came with the DRV8825 drivers. I have the system working in that it will turn the motors (I use UGS). I watched the video on how to set the current limit but it isn’t working out the way it does for Claire in her video. I have the same setup for my multimeter that she’s using (screwdriver attached to the positive lead with a grabber jumper). My issue is that the vref is NOT accessible via the top of the potentiometer. I can only measure it via that little hole in the circuit board. This is a problem because it’s very difficult to do it this way. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Yes, I WAS missing something! I didn’t have the Arduino powered up! Get ready folks - IMA MORON is here!


It is not clear if you fixed your original issue or not. If not, can you post pictures of your setup and driver?


I edited my post to include the fact that I was mistaken in the
first place. I had neglected to apply power to the Arduino. This
setup is a Uno with a CNC shield which uses the DRV8825 drivers. I
was able to set the vref to 1.5 which is half of the current draw
value of each coil.