Driving heaters with the Orangutan

I was going to misquote the movie “Birdcage” but I’ll let that go…

I just got a flier from Minco, a company that makes low-wattage heaters. We use them a lot at work, and I realized that they might be just the right size to be driven by an Orangutan or Baby-O.

An Orangutan, a polyimide thermofoil heater plugged into a motor port, and a temperature sensor plugged into an ADC port, and that’s a neat setup for doing closed loop temperature control.

The heater I’m looking at is 294 ohms. At 9V driving voltage, that’s 0.03A. That SHOULD be well within the range of the H-bridge on the Orangutan and Baby-O, but I figured I’d ask before cooking (har) my poor Orangutan. Am I missing something that bears not missing?

In any case I’m off to see about getting the heater. Please let me know if I’m doing something bad.



Hi Tom.

I don’t see any problem with your idea; it sounds like it would work just fine. Let us know how the project works out!

- Ben

Will do!