Driver motors with PICO

Good morning,

I am building mini sumos piloted with a Raspberry PICO microcontroleur. the engines I want to use go up to 3A in lock. Which driver can I use?

Thank you!!!


Any of our brushed DC motor drivers and brushed DC motor controllers could be used with a Raspberry Pi Pico. Our general recommendation is to use a motor driver that can continuously handle your motor’s stall current, so if your motor’s stall current is 3A, then my recommendation would be to use a TB67H420FTG motor driver carrier in single channel mode for each of your motors.

- Patrick


Thank you for your reply
This means that if I have 4 motors I use 4 cards? According to which scheme?

If you have four motors, then you would need four motor drivers.

I am not sure what you are trying to say when you ask about the scheme; can you elaborate?

- Patrick