Driver for bipolar stepper motor with Arduino Due and appropriate power supply


I want to use Arduino Due Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 to control this 6 Bipolar Stepper Motors

I’m new with motors, and controllers, need help with advice

First of all, should I have to use bipolar stepper driver for this stepper unlike of servo motor

Can you advice me appropriate device for this goal

And also I’m trying to figure out what Power Supply I have to use for this assembly (24-36 volts) I’m not sure

Any advice or guide would be helpful

You will need some kind of driver to use that motor with an Arduino. We generally recommend using a current-limiting stepper driver like you linked to drive bipolar stepper motors. Current-limiting stepper drivers monitor the current through the coils of the stepper and can use a higher voltage supply to drive a motor with a lower voltage rating like the one you mentioned. Higher supply voltages can improve torque at high speed, but if you are not moving particularly fast, that motor should work OK with a 12V power supply. One of our inexpensive and popular A4988 carrier boards should work with a 12V supply, though there are many other driver boards with slightly different sets of features in the category you linked to that could also work.


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