Dragon Frame Motor only going one dirrection

Hi i have connected my pololu motor to a cnc sheild and got it runnning in dragon frame however the motor will only run in one dirrection even when the software tells it to run in the other, Wondering if anyone had any advice on this?


Can you share more information about your setup, like what motor, cnc shield, and controller you are using? If you also post some pictures and your code (preferably a simplified version of your code that demonstrates what is not working), I will take a look to see if I notice any problems. However, we do not use Dragonframe, so we cannot offer much support for that or any electronics we do not make.

- Patrick

Hi, Patrick thank you for getting back so quick! I’m using an arduino uno, cnc sheild and a Nema 17 Stepper motor.
I’m new to ardunio and have spent the last few days getting it working with dragon frame, and it is working just its rotaing the one way and i havent been able to work out the solution.
the link below is the code for dragonframe that i have modified to get it working with the software any advice and help would be greatly appreciated
thank you:)

It is unlikely for there to be something wrong with a stepper motor itself that would cause it to only work in one direction, so that suggests the problem is with some other part of your setup, the electronics, connections, Arduino code, or software. You might try asking the makers of your CNC shield and/or Dragonframe for help, since they should be better able to offer support for those products.

- Patrick