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Dovetail Saw Blade

I’m just wondering if the laser would be suitable for cutting teeth in a small hand saw blade. This type of blade normally has the teeth punched out but it’s difficult to find the machines that can do that, especially at the finer pitches. An example would be a ten inch .015" to .020" spring steel plate with 15 teeth per inch. I would guess about 0.1 inch of cut length per tooth. How long would that take and would it still be flat when you got done?


While we do not guarantee any particular tolerance for our laser cutting service, the dimensional requirements you’ve provided (~0.01" teeth length, 15 teeth/inch) sounds like something we might be able to handle. The high yield strength of spring steel allows the sheet to return to it’s original shape, but the flatness of the final part will depend on the material that it’s cut from.

Our standard turn time for most small orders is 3 business days, but it can depend on the job. We have a small selection of stainless and mild steel, but we do not stock any spring steel at this time. Our turn time does not include the time it takes for the material to be delivered to us, so the exact time can vary depending on the material. You can have your spring steel sent to us, or we can special order it for you (a special ordering fee will be added to the quote).

For a better idea of the exact cutting cost and turn time, or to further discuss your project, please feel free to contact us.

- Arthur