Doubt on QTR-3RC

Hi, I have a doubt about QTR-3RC.

In the comparative image:
it seems that QTR-3RC is smaller than QTR-8RC, but when you watch closely to sensors, the ones in 3RC are smaller than the others. So, have you downsized 3RC image to look smaller or they are using a different sensor type?
If they are different sensors, do you have a link to a datasheet for it?


The picture is meant as a size comparison between the boards, and none of them have been resized independently.

The sensors used on the QTR-3RC are the Sharp GP2S60 sensors, which are smaller than the ones used on the QTR-8RC. We have added the datasheet for that sensor to the “Resources” tab of the QTR-3RC product page.


Thank you very much for the datasheet. Wow, 0,5mm is far shorter than I thought. The board should be near touching the floor.