Don´t send program

hi pleas help me ,

when I sent the program into the robot so that he stopped halfway through, batteries were freshly charge, and now writes me an error

Setting mode and device parameters… OK!
Entering programming mode… FAILED!
Leaving programming mode… FAILED!

frequency ISP is 57.60 kHz

thanks ,


What programmer and programming environment are you using?

- Ben

Orangutan USB AVR Programmer

ARV studio


can you help me ?

Unfortunately, it sounds like your 3pi was somehow corrupted during the programming process. Please contact me directly at ben at pololu dot com and I can give you instructions for returning the 3pi for repair. If you purchased the 3pi from us and have your original salesorder number, please include that in your email.

- Ben

Detecting on ‘Auto’…
AVRISP with V2 firmware found on COM3:
Getting revisions… HW: 0xff, SW Major: 0x02, SW Minor: 0x0a … OK
Getting isp parameter… SD=0x02 … OK