Does zumo shield contain accelerometer

hi , I would like to know if zumo shield v1.2 contain an accelerometer. Thank you


The older v1.2 Zumo Shield for Arduino does have an accelerometer; it used the LSM303D accelerometer and magnetometer (which is no longer in production). Additionally, our Arduino library for the Zumo shield works with all versions.


thank you for your response

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how can I use the IMU sensors to calculate the distance traveled by the zumo robot ? I want it to traverse a trajectory of a rectangle shape without deviation and I have no clue to do that perfectly .

I do not have any specific suggestions for using just the IMU to calculate distance traveled; you might be able to use it to increase the precision of your turns, but in general, wheel encoders are a much better form of feedback for that kind of application. Unfortunately, the Zumo Robot for Arduino does not have built-in encoders like the Zumo 32U4 or Zumo 2040 robots.

You might find this application note from CH Robotics (the original manufacturer of the UM7 orientation sensors) helpful. It essentially explains how you could theoretically use an IMU for dead-reckoning like you described, but doing so is probably impractical in most applications.