Does the Micro Maestro require an external power source?

I read through the documentation but this wasn’t clear to me - is an external power source required or just optional?

If required - is it only for running servos? What if i plan to use the Micro Maestro for inputs only, then would I still require an external power source?



There are two power nets: the servo power and the logic power. If you are using servos, you must supply them with power, which you have to do with an external power source. If you want the servo controller to run at all, you must supply logic power. The logic power can come from the USB port or from an external supply, which can be the same one as the servo supply or a separate external supply. If you want to use the Micro Maestro as simple computer I/O board to read some external inputs over USB, you can power it just from the USB port.

- Jan

That clears it up, thank you.