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Does radio go to sleep in example wireless_adc_tx.c

I can use the code in example wireless_adc_tx.c, but I don’t need to transmit once an hour. To conserve battery, does the radio go to sleep after executing radioQueueTxSendPacket()? If not, how can I put it to sleep and wake it up once an hour?

I seen in other examples code like this:

MCSM1 = 0x00;    // Disable CCA.  After RX, go to IDLE.  After TX, go to IDLE.

Will that work?

Also, can I put the whole board in sleep mode and have it activate only once an hour?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Search is your friend. Here is a start:

Hello. That example uses the radio_queue library, which does not implement any kind of power saving. The radio_queue library is capable of receiving and sending, so after the packet is sent it puts the radio back into RX mode, which will consume current.

In addition to the link that Jim gave, here is another useful one:

You might want to turn off the radio and also put the CPU to sleep. You will probably have to read the CC2511F32 datasheet to get a better understanding of the sleep modes and how to wake it up from sleep after an hour.