Does 3pi work with Visual Studio 2005 / debug?

hello together !

i am new here and i have some simple questions regarding to the 3pi library .
Is it possible to use the 3pi C/C++ library in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 (C++) ?
if yes, can someone give a short tutorial about the settings and steps in VS 2005?

I heard to debug with 3pi, i need to remove the debug fuse and the capacitor ,
i need also an debugwire !

where can i find and debugwire an does it work with VS2005 C++ ?

best regards


Hello drbrain,

It’s possible to use Visual Studio as an editor to program the 3pi, but it is difficult to use it as a compiler and, as far as I know, impossible to debug AVRs with it. To compile and program the 3pi via Visual Studio, you have to tell it use a separate Makefile that is set up to do the compilation. By using AVRStudio you will avoid these hassles.

If you do not fully understand debugWire and program the debug fuse bit, you can make your 3pi completely unusable. Instead I recommend you first try to use AVRStudio’s software simulator for debugging and only pursue debugWire if the software simulator proves insufficient.

If you decide to proceed with debugWire, make sure you read section 22 of the ATmega168 datasheet. To debug the 3pi with debugWire you have to desolder the capacitor (C26 on the schematic) from the reset line and program the debug fuse bit (DWEN of the high fuse byte). Once the ATmega168’s debug fuse bit has been set it can only be unprogrammed with a device that supports debugWire. The AVRDragon is an example of an AVR programmer that supports debugWire.

- Ryan