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Dobot Industrial Robotic Arm Desktop Robot

  1. Dobot your personal robot.
    Dobot is the first desktop-level robotic arm with industrial level of position repeatability. It features industrial-standard accuracy and stability, intuitive and versatile controls, all at an affordable price.
  2. ±0.1mm position repeatability.
    Industrial level repetitive accuracy up to ±0.1mm which enables dedicate work.
  3. Complexity simplified.
    Play right out of the box, even control with an APP versatile and intuitive control methods.
  4. Easy programing & unlimited possibilities.
    Functional & powerful application software SDK(software developer kit).Open protocol. Expendable hardware design.
  5. Flexible & economical solution.
    Cost economical: innovative design makes Dobot create more value with less cost. Flexible deployment: fast set-up, easy programming, can be operated by every worker. Professional quality: up to 1000+ hours robust and continuous running.
  6. Hands–on experience for everyone.
    Compressive learning: robotics, industrial automation, electronics, mechanics, programing, etc A Robot arm for students of all grades: interest cultivation , knowledge practice, academic research, all-in-one. Designed for Desktop: easy to be mounted on every desk, no worry for safe issue.
  7. Skilled craftsmanship.
    CNC high-precision cutting, potable aluminium body, sand-blasting, anodizing, neutralization, dying, double unification sense of vision and touch, are all perfect for operation on desktop.
  8. Endless fun, all in Exploring
    A wide Variety of Interesting Applications: writing, laser engraving, 3D printing and more to explore. Innovative Platform for Making Your Own Application: SDK and community support for developers. Affordable & Top Industrial Design: a cool and professional robot at consumer price.