Do the pre-crimped wires fit JST XH housings?

I really like the pre-crimped wires and the 0.1" connector housings, but I need to use a locking connector. Do the pre-crimped wires fit in JST XH connector housings or other locking type connectors? Who is the manufacturer of the crimp terminals, and is there a part number for these? I may be able to use that to source a locking connector that fits.


The pre-crimped wires do not fit into the JST XH connector housings, and we suspect they also would not work with any connector housing other than the 0.1" crimp connector housings. If you are looking for the JST XH style of connector housing, you might consider this:

The male counterpart for that wire and connector can be found under the “Related Products” column on the right hand side of its product page. Also, we do not disclose the manufacturer for our pre-crimped wires.

Connectors is a large business in and of itself. Electronics distributors have thousands in stock of many different kinds.

The draw-back is that, to get a reasonable price per each, you have to buy thousands, and you can’t be assured you get the thing you expect until you unpack the order. I believe Pololu basically gets them by the truckload, and make sure they work, and then sell the matched sets in smaller batches, which helps us hobbyists a lot – no risk of buying the wrong thing and sitting with 1,000 connector housings that only fit some Russian airplane or something :slight_smile:

If you want to go looking yourself, there are a few promising categories on the Digi-Key web site: … %20housing … %20housing