Do I have a new or old MinIMU-9?


I just received a MinIMU-9 and am wondering how to tell whether it’s the new
board with the LSM303DLM, or the old one with the LSM303DLH?

My MiniMU-9’s compass chip is marked 303DH.

To confuse things more (for me at least), I also bought a stand-alone LSM303DLH
board, and that has a chip marked HM55 on it. :confused:


Best regards,


Hello, Steve.

I believe “303DH” indicates that the chip is an LSM303DLM. You can also check the item number of the MinIMU-9 in your salesorder. If it was 1265, it’s an LSM303DLM; if it was 1264, it’s an LSM303DLH.

- Kevin

Thank you for the clarification, Kevin. When Googling ‘HM55’ I came up with a Parallax compass board based on a Hitachi chip.

So the HM55-marked part is the LSM303DLH, and the 303DH-marked part is the LSM303DLM. Those boys at STMicro sure do have an odd sense of humor. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!