Distance sensor behind dark glass

Hello everyone,

I search a distance sensor that works behind dark glass. I found ToF sensor, infrared sensor, but they can not work regularly behind dark glass and the distance can decrease.
I want a sensor that measures a distance of aprrox. 30 cm ~ 100cm from through the dark glass, but it must work correctly.

Can anyone suggest me such distance sensors?
My friend suggests the Pololu TOF Sensors. Which Pololu TOF sensors work behind the dark glass?

Many thanks.


We have not tested any of our distance sensors in a setup like that with a dark glass, so we cannot say for certain if any of them will work, but I think our VL53L1X carrier might be worth trying. It has a much higher maximum range than your requirement, so it might still be good enough even if the dark glass reduces its usable range, and its low memory footprint makes it relatively easy to use even with simple microcontrollers like Arduinos or our Arduino compatible A-Stars. Please note that you will probably have to calibrate the sensor to work with a cover glass, but that is not something we have much experience doing.

- Patrick