Dissassembly: step-by-step

Hello, Good day everyone, I just want to ask how to disassemble the robot. I can’t seem to do the first step in the procedure I don’t know how to pull the drive sprockets off the motors properly and I am afraid that I might make a mistake, making the zumo bot unable to work properly.


The drive sprockets can have a tight fit and be a bit difficult to pull off. If you cannot get them off by pulling evenly on the sprocket (away from the motor shaft), then you might try using a small screwdriver to reach in as close to the motor shaft as possible and try to slowly pry the wheel off using the screwdriver as a lever. You might be able to just get it started like that, then switch back to pulling it off by hand again. Please note that getting close to the motor shaft is important because you do not want to bend the motor shaft or put enough torque on it to damage the gearbox.