Devantech SRF05 with 1284

Hello All,
I’ve been having problems interfacing my Devantech srf05 with the Orangutan svp - 1284 controller. I’ve been trying to implement the code from this older post on:

However, the program does not seem to want to enter the while loop, nor will it read the return signal. I know the sensor is sending out a signal by a blinking Red LED on the sensor.

I spoke wtih Dave about this earlier on the telephone, but still have no resolved the problem.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hello again.

Did you tie the SRF05’s mode pin to GND?

Can you double check that you have connected the SVP’s GND to the sensor’s ground, SVP’s VCC to the sensor’s 5V supply, and an SVP I/O line to the trigger input/output? Maybe you should post a picture showing your connections so we can check it too.

If you made any modifications to the code in that forum post, please post your entire code here, enclosed in [code] tags so we can check it.