Detailed dimentions for step-up/down regs

In the photos that come with the S18V20xxx type regulators you show the board dimension, the mounting hole spacing and the text indicates that the smaller holes are .1 inch spacing, however there is no info on the position of the smaller holes relative to the mounting screw holes. I am trying to build a PCB on which i want to mount the regulator using the mounting holes but also solder header pins in the smaller holes and then solder these pins straight onto the PCB but don’t want to eye-ball the spacing. Any chance of either publishing the pcb layout or providing the coordinates of all the holes in a diagram?

By the way, i mentioned the S18V20xxx but the same goes for the rest of the products in the series.


The ENABLE pin is 0.2" from the two sides of the board, and 0.1" from the first VIN pin. The other four pins are symmetric with the four pins on the opposite side of the board.

If you email us at, I can get you a DXF file that includes the board’s dimensions and drill locations.

- Grant