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Hi after sharing a desire to make a small home cnc machine with a guy who operates big ones and tinkers around with them. He advise me to use servo’s as the milling head does not like stepping motors and bounces around as it’s trying to cut between the steps. I am also trying to get to at least 10 tho or even better 1 tho tolarences. I have read the blog regarding continues rotation servo’s and a like
Also stepping motors don’t make good circular curves more like jagged edge ones.
I noted that if I pay the price I can get the servo’s types I want.
Maybe i’ll even answer my own question.

  1. Could I use a jrk motor speed control with aux feed back and break control and mabe a ir or ultrasonic distance sensor directed at the machine outer framing to be dead accurate.

  2. Would better programing to a stepping motor over come the affects observed by cnc operator man as I know he’s not that good a programmer.

  3. use a linar stepping motor setup.

  4. Just cash up for a proper continues rotation servo.

  5. Would a brushless motor do it better.


Hi, Pat.

Unfortunately, I do not have much specific advice to give you; however, continuous rotation servos seem to be a poor choice for that kind of application. Your project seems fairly similar to some of the 3D printer projects out there, which typically use stepper motors. You can get reasonably smooth movement when controlling stepper motors with a driver that is capable of microstepping. Another option might be to use DC motors with encoders like one of these: