Delivery to Nepal

Dear Sir/Madam,
The last time i used a pololu sensor are nearly pulled off a win in a national robot competition in Nepal. But that, was brought by a relative from England to Nepal. This time i am thinking of making an online purchase. Will that take more than a month?? Sad that Nepal has no pololu branches. A robot competition will be taking place in 30-40 days. How good are my chances to participate in it with a robot using your products?? I am in need of a chasis and a sensor and some powerful motors and wheels for a line following competition. Thankyou for the help and hope you will assist me with some ideas on getting to near 1 m/s with a pololu sensor and some micrometal gear motors!!! :slight_smile:
Yours Sincerley,
Ashim Sitoula

Hello, Ashim.

We have some general information on international shipping on the Ordering Information page.

You should receive your order in less than a month, but it depends on which shipping method you choose. With your deadline, I recommend using a tracked shipping method since it is faster and more reliable. The fastest option is FedEx priority, which would take about a week to reach you. FedEx economy would take around 10 days, and USPS express could take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. All of these shipping times are estimates and can be delayed by customs.


Thanks Brandon,
But here in Nepal, paypal is not available. Similarly, our credit cards are also limited for use in Nepal and India only. How can i pay for the products? thanks

Unfortunately, for small orders, we only accept credit cards and paypal. You might check to see if any of our distributors located in India have the parts you want.


Hello Brendon,
The distributors in India might help me, but i can’t find all of the items required.
Would it be possible to place an order from Nepal using a US credit card ( relatives in US ) right from the main website?

Yes, that should work, but you should contact us when you place the order to let us know, so it does not trigger as a fraud alert. You can email us directly at with your order information.


Hello brandon,
Thankyou, i will try that. But just a question, would it work via money transfer and I e-mail Pololu support all the required products? I understand there is no such option in the ordering page, but is there a rare possibility?

Please contact us directly (by email) for any further questions like this. If you reference this forum thread in your email, we can continue the discussion there.