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Default Off for Big Pushbutton at higher voltages

Hi, I’m using the Big Pushbutton Power Switch (#2813) to control a pump via a small remote pushbutton, and this product is almost perfect. My system is 28 vDC and it defaults to ON after power is supplied, I’d really like to figure out a way to have it default to OFF as it does normally.

The notes on the product page indicate this may happen at “the upper end of the operating range” but is there anything I can do to fix this, a different product that may work better, or a way to have the product customized?

The pump is 6 amps, and I have 12v and 28v systems, this product is great for the 12v, I just need something that works on 28v. Thanks!


You could try adding a 1nF capacitor between the VIN and A pins close to the switch board. With your higher input voltage and load, adding the additional capacitor runs the risk of making the switch hard to turn off with your external button. You’ll need to test it in your system to see. If you do try it, I am interested to hear how it goes.