Deenergizing drivers


Does de-energizing drivers cause loss of memory of position in a motor?


Different stepper motor drivers have different methods available for de-energizing the outputs that may or may not cause the driver to reset its step angle. Generally you should be able to find information about that in the product page description or the driver’s datasheet. If you are using or looking at one of our stepper motor drivers and specify which one, then I should be able to direct you to the right place.

- Patrick


The stepper motor drivers are tict249 and tic36v4 .


When the Tics are de-energized they will remember what position they were in at the time they were de-energized. De-energizing will also trigger the “position uncertain” flag.

When your motor is energized again the Tic T249 and the Tic 36v4 will both set the driver outputs to the same electronic angle it was in when it was de-energized. The “position uncertain” flag will remain asserted.

Keep in mind your motor can move while it is de-energized and the Tic will have no way of knowing. So, when your motor energizes again, it might not return to the same position.

- Patrick