Decoupling caps on step-up/down regulators


I would like to ask what kind of decoupling capacitors does your step-up/down voltage regulators use. The one I have is the S7V7F5.

My project in short is to use a 4x1.5V battery pack to single-power an arduino through 5V pin using the voltage regulator, while also, from the same pack, supplying a servo and 2 motors through a TB6612FNG driver carrier.
The schematic for the TB6612FNG is very helpful in showing the decoupling caps that are included in the board, but I can’t find a schematic for the S7V7F5.

Could you share some info or provide a schematic?

Thank you.


I am not sure what you expect to gain from these details or even what exactly you consider “decoupling caps” in this context. The regulator has two 10uF ceramic caps across the input.


I was just trying to get a feel for what additional capacitors I should plan to put in my project.
The two 10uF caps of the regulator sound great.

I’ll follow up with more details if I eventually run up into any problems.

Thank you very much!