Debouncing Encoders - Necessary?

I am about to put together my own dead-reckoning motion controller, combining an AVR, Pololus MicroMetal Motor + Encoder set, and a Pololu Motor Driver H-Bridge.

I will be programming the AVR in C using an ISP, and I will be mimicking the way Pololus Encoder library works (with interrupts and counters) to handle the encoder input. My question is: should I provide any extra discrete components between the encoder and AVR input (interrupt) pins. Specifically, should I be debouncing the 4 encoder input pins… I’m worried that the encoder sensors could momentarily waver between values, causing degraded performance or other problems by the unnecessarily repeated interrupt calls.

Any thoughts welcome… Thanks.


The debounce circuitry should not be necessary since the encoders have hysteresis built into the comparator circuit.

- Jan