DC Servo controller with specific lemo output

I am looking for a solution to drive a camera lens motor like this.
It has a peak 5amp power consumption with a range of 12 to 25 volts. It uses a 7 pin lemo to connect to the motor:

Pin 1: Motor(+)
Pin 2: Motor(-)
Pin 3 :Encoder A
Pin 4 :+5V
Pin 5 :Gnd
Pin 6 :Encoder B
Pin 7 : Motor ID
I saw a controller that I think could be used on your site that can be controlled by an arduino:

Pololu Jrk 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback

I was wondering if your product can fullfil requirement?
Thank you


It sounds like you want to do closed-loop position control with the motor you linked to. Our Jrk controllers cannot do position control using encoder signals for feedback. You might consider a controller like the RoboClaw 2x7A Motor Controller, which does have those features.