DC motor with precise control at low rpm and high torque


Im working on a project that requires very precise control at low speeds and high torques.
I wanted to get the following 1000:1 motor pololu.com/product/1595
but it lacks the extended shaft for the encoder.

Is it possible that you guys could provide a custom order of the above motor with an extended shaft for the encoder ?

Also the magnetic encoders that are used with these micromotors absolute encoders or incremental encoders?
My application requires absolute encoders.


The Pololu encoders are incremental (quadrature). It seems very unlikely that you will find an absolute encoder that will fit that motor.


Good news! We just got some of the 1000:1 HP micro metal gearmotors with back shafts, and you can now order them through our website.

As Jim said, our magnetic encoders for our micro metal gearmotors are incremental encoders.

- Grant