Dc motor driver recommendation

Hi, I’m looking for a dc motor controller recommendation.
Using a dpdt switch to tighten a bolt to a specific torque.(80inlbs) Then stop.
Using the same dpdt switch to back off the motor 3 revs then stop.


12v-24v dc



Do you know how much current your motor will be drawing (or can you at least tell me the stall current of your motor)? You mention “3 revs”; can this be approximate (i.e. activate the motor for a set period of time that roughly corresponds to three revolutions under typical conditions), or do you need it to be precise? If it’s the latter, you will probably need an encoder.

Your task is to custom to be supported by a motor controller directly, so you will likely need to program a computer or microcontroller to detect the switch input and command the motor controller appropriately. Do you have programming experience?

- Ben

Hi Ben,
I haven’t measured the stall current of the motor when it reaches the desired torque. I can do that.
I’m trying to find a circuit that has an adjustable current limiter built in. One that uses a pot that I can adjust until I get the desired torque.

3 Revs~yes, its an approximate. I was thinking about using a 555 ic.

Do you have a recommendation for a microcontroller?

I think there isn’t much use for a 555 timer given how easy (and inexpensive) it is to do timing these days with a microcontroller, and you’re likely going to need to use a microcontroller anyway to accomplish what you want. Most microcontrollers available should be able to do what you want, so it really comes down to what you’re comfortable with. You could look into our Orangutan robot controllers (they have built-in motor drivers, but I think only the Orangutan X2 has a chance of delivering the current you will need, and it does not operate at 24 V), or you could consider an Arduino, which can be a good starting point for getting into microcontrollers.

Our jrk 12v12 motor controller has a built-in current-limiting feature, but it only operates up to 16 V, and the current limit cannot be dynamically set (it is configured using a PC program). If you want the same functionality from a Simple Motor Controller, you will need to use an external current sensor and program a microcontroller to close the current feedback-loop using the sensor output.

- Ben