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Dc brushed motors w/encoders - DRIVER

Still don’t get why you guys CANNOT come up with a simple driver board that can take step and direction inputs and drive your multitude of brushed DC motors with encoders for doing simple positioning. I can’t do it, thats why we buy your stuff. But for God’s sake, design and make this thing. This is one of the best ways to create x/y devices. Yet the best thing you have to offer is speed and direction control. JEEEEEEZ guys! That’s so 2K. This would let us use your great DC motors with encoders to actually use the encoders for something other that direction and speed. HOW ABOUT POSITION USING ENCODERS???

Here is a link for a board that I have used in the very past that NO ONE has replicated. IT WORKS GREAT! What can it be, a simple pic microcontroller with some PID action. This is what you guys do… right??? If you can’t do this, I may have to go on freelancer.com and hire some PID guru to bang out some code for a K or 2 and do this myself, I guess… What a GREAT product this would be!


P.S. this is from 2004. What is taking you soooo long to make this damn thing???

Jeeez, how come it took you so long to bug us about this again? Also, what’s wrong with the unit you linked to?


Hey Ben, its only been a couple years since I first requested this. This IS the missing link in your offerings for sure. It would be used A LOT for positioning robots, etc. etc… The unit I linked to is virtually impossible to get your hands on as it seems like the manufacturer is not very active anymore. The last 8 I purchased from them a while back took a VERY long time to get and several emails to see if they were still making them after I placed my order. Was a bit shaky to say the least. The next best thing of course is the Gecko Drive (servo with encoder), but is Way overkill for some of the smaller projects like the one I made using your motors with encoders here…

and here

Steppers are OK, but Servos are AWESOME. This would STILL BE A GREAT PRODUCT in your catalog!! You guys are genius, you can do it!

We CAN do it! Thanks for the encouragement. It will be at least a few months for us to wrap up existing projects, but feel free to keep the pressure on us.