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DC 5v Power Regulator with Mini Pushbutton Power Switch (CTRL) Features

Hey Guys,

I use a ton of your products and just about every project I create needs both a regulator (usually 5v Step up/DN) and one of the 2809 switches (with On /Off /and CTRL features)

It would be so great if you would combine the two boards into one package, totally be a game changer for me at least!

Take your time, I dont need it until next week!! LOL

Thanks for listening,

Hi, Vince.

Thanks for the suggestion! What would you be looking to gain from combining them into one product?


Hi Claire,

Mostly because it would save a bunch of space on my PCB designs and I would be assured of having the voltage I need regardless of the battery supply I use. Both products are becoming a must on just about all of my new designs.

I have quite a few boards that are quite compact and I’m sure that you guys (like always) would make a nice compact all in one unit that I could build around.

Attached is a snapshot of an older board with your power switch attached, Like many others, I plan on redesigning this board to include your 5v regulator board as well… and I’m pretty limited on space as it is.


Vince Puruczky

I am not sure how much smaller a combined board could really get, but we will keep the suggestion in mind.