Daryl Robot Project Autonomous robot based on arduino

Hi all!

I want to share my first robot project with you. It is Daryl robot project. Daryl is an autonomous robot based on arduino Uno and driven by UMPC Viliv S5 (and Java application). I have already finish the electronic part of my project and Daryl work fine :slight_smile:
Daryl is composed of one Pololu TRex DMC01 for motors control and one Pololu Micro Maestro for tilt/pan bracket control.

I have created one blog to share with you: darylrobotproject.wordpress.com

Last videos of Daryl:

Thank for Pololu Team for this precious help! :smiley:


Thank you for sharing your project with us! It looks like you’ve come quite a long way over the past month when you first started asking for help connecting a Maestro to an Arduino. Great work!

- Ben

Thank you Ben!!