Daisy Chain and Maestros running led's

Hi peoples, I am new at this, I am over 60 and I am a little stumped.

I have 3 x Maestro 24’s and 1 x Maestro 12. I have followed the wiring that is mentioned in the Pololu site and I can not get joy from the setup.

Ok, everythng works, as long as I connect a USB to each, but I read the daisy chain details that I could understand and connected them accordingly, so I have the Maestro 12 connected as the primary, and the M24’s by the rx/tx/tchainall i want to do is use the Maestro as an output, to drive LED’s… so, please, in simple or at least in slow and dumbstruck wording, explain to me if I have missed a part or that you might be able to assist…

thank you very much

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Hello Brandon, i have been reading this thread as I too am having no end of confusion as to how to set up my maestros… I have 3 x 24 plus 1 x 12 and I have connected them physically, but no matter what I am doing I only see one in the control center… so, I have the maestros connected in the serial and I am needing them to be controlled from one, this should give me access to all of the outputs from one device and therefore I should be able to set up all the timings from the one… now I see you talking about a send script…???, confusion reigns here. I am an old codger trying to control a lot of lights using the Pololu, but i can use them all separately… can i bother you for a heads up…


I combined your post from the other thread with this thread that you created here since they are about the same topic.

To clarify, daisy-chaining Maestro controllers allows you to communicate with all of the Maestros in the chain from a single serial bus. However, the Maestro Control Center does not use serial communication; it uses native USB communication, so it can only control Maestros that are directly connected via USB.

There are a couple ways you could communicate with the Maestros in the daisy chain while only having one of them connected to USB, but the Maestro Control Center can only connect to and control the Maestro that is connected via USB.

One way you could communicate with the daisy-chained Maestros from your PC is by setting the serial mode of the Maestro connected via USB to either “USB Dual Port” or “USB Chained”, which allows you to send serial commands from your PC through the UART pins on the Maestro that is connected via USB. Details about the different serial modes can be found in the “Serial Settings” section of the Maestro user’s guide. You can send serial signals like this using a terminal program or by writing your own software. You can find example serial code in many different languages in the “Serial Example Code” section of the Maestro user’s guide.

Another option as described in the other thread you found, would be writing a script on your main Mini Maestro that sends serial signals to the others.


thank you sir