Dagu Wild Thumper

I’m interested in getting this chassis for a project im about to start

but i need to know the maximum angle (roughly) that it can drive up

(i live in a very hilly area)

thanks in advance!


In general, this kind of thing depends a lot on other factors, like how you power the motors on the chassis and how much weight you add to it. However, there are a few YouTube videos of the chassis driving around on its product page, which might give you an idea about what the chassis is capable of.

- Kevin

It also depends on the gear ratio you choose when you buy the chassis. I got the lower speed / higher torque gear ratio. Theoretically it should be capable of reeling itself up a vertical wall. Of course this doesn’t work in reality, so everything Kevin mentioned comes into play. But I’ve tested it on some pretty steep ascents.

Rather than go into exhaustive testing, what kinds of slopes are you considering using this on? I can probably replicate it here and post the results, if you’re still interested.

For what it’s worth the Dagu Wild Thumper makes a really nice chassis to build off of. I’m still working on my first project that uses one. I’ve run into a number of snags, but throughout the Thumper has been a solid performer. It’s other systems that have been giving me grief.