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Dagu Wild Thumper 6WD

Hello pololu followers.

My name is Jhonatan and I want to share with you all some images about my project of an exploring car controlled by using radio-frecuency. I took me around 1 year to leave it as it is right now because as you may noticed already, buying robotics pieces or controllers, drivers and in general purposes electronic devices are a bit expensive so, that is the reason it took me 1 year to finally finish it

I used a T-rex motor controller, a turnigy 9X to control the six motors and servos that simulate 2 robotics eyes. The eyes are just LED´S bars (nowadays used everywhere), I used a 7.4 v LIPO BATERRY to 6Ah HARD CASE. For the tunning light under it I bought a RC relay so I turn it on/off directly from the 9x turnigy and for the eyes light it is turned on and off automatically by using a 30 dollar solar panel. The electronics that you see on top of my rover is just an arduino nano, ch3 and dht11 sensor. It sends information via Bluetoth to my android.

Please contact me if you want to know more about my rover named TLATEMOANI what means EXPLORER in Nahuatl.

Let´s be friends alright!! Add me on facebook… I am not a robot :stuck_out_tongue: I am just a guy who goes to work everyday to give my robots what they deserve.

Thank you for reading this boring information :smiley:

See you later friends form all over the world!

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Hello, Jhonatan.

That looks like a really cool project; thanks for sharing! I really like the design portion of the video and the clean overall look of the robot! Nicely done.


Great robot!

Hi Man! Great project i’m impressed! i’m going to build my own wild thumper and i would like to have some information about your power management system! Did you plug your batterie directly into the t rex motor controller? Or did you use a dc to dc voltage to fix the 7.2 Input voltage. And how long does it work with this kind of battery?

Thanks a lot keep the good work!