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Dagu Rover 5 and Arduino Mini-Leonardo

Can you please tell me how to wire the connections between the Rover 5 2 motor with encoders to the Mini-leonardo?


Can you be more specific about what device(s) you are using with the Dagu Rover 5? Are you using a motor driver, and do you need help with those connections as well or are you just asking for help with connecting the encoders to your microcontroller? Also, could you post a link to your microcontroller board?


I was supplied with a device in a black bag labelled mimi-leonardo that I was told when buying was the recommended controller for the Dagu Rover 5. No documentation with the controller but looks like an arduino.
I am waiting on the supplier to send me documentation, I have asked.
What I need to know is where on the mimi-leonardo do I plug the 4 wires coming out of the Rover’s encoder.
Secondly some example source code would also save time.


We do not carry any “Mini-Leonardo” boards, so we do not have any wiring examples or code for using them with the Dagu Rover 5. DaguRobot carries a “Mini Leonardo Board with Motor Driver” (although, it does not look like a typical Arduino-style board). If that is the one you are referring to, you might try contacting them, but I suspect your supplier is your best option for getting the resources you are looking for.


Thank you