D36V50 performance data

We’re considering using the D36V50 in a design that needs 12Vin, 5Vout @ 4A. It’s an RF design, with decent PSRR, but we need some idea of ripple, noise, and transient response performance of the supply to consider using it. Is there a more detailed datasheet available with typical performance data?

Some performance graphs are available here:Pololu - 6V, 5.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D36V50F6
But doesn’t really say anything about the noise handling. Let’s see what team Pololu has to say.


We do not have any detailed data available on the output variation or transient response of our D36V50Fx family of regulators, but I tested a 5V unit with a 4A load and saw about 100mV pk-pk on the output. When changing back and forth from a 0A or 1A load to a 4A load I saw 200mV jumps or dips in the output. I hope that helps!