D36v28f5 change FB resistors

Hi all,

I need some d36v28f5 (5V) and they are out of stock in the UK.

I’ve been looking to the components on all the variations and as far as I can see only a few resistors change. I’m guessing is the feed back to set the Vout. I’m correct?
Changing those resistors won’t be a problem and there is plenty of stock of the other variants.
I’m a little constraint in time :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

Edit: the resistors might be different on the Vout side. ?

Hi, Claudio.

There are a few components besides the feedback resistors that are different for different output voltage versions of our D36V28Fx family of regulators. Please email us for more details.

Also, we expect our UK distributor CoolComponents to have them back in stock soon. Their product page for the D36V28F5 estimates they’ll have more in 5-7 days.