D24V6ALV Step Down Voltage Regulator

I know I’m going to sound like an idiot for asking this… I have recently been using your maestro servo controllers and I have managed to kill some 6v servos. I used a 6-AAA battery cell, and this provides a good voltage, but, when i recharged these batteries, the higher voltage managed to kill my sensitive servos. So I ordered this voltage regulator and I plan to use an 8-AAA battery cell. I was wondering how I am supposed to hook up this regulator to my batteries and my maestro. I know there is a VIN and a VOUT and a GND, But does the ground connect with the input voltage or does the ground connect to the poutput voltage? As far as I know, I thought 2 ports were for input, and 2 for output. Im sorry that im misinformed!


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The answer to your question is that you want to connect both grounds (the Maestro and the battery) to the regulator ground.

Please note that that regulator only supplies a maximum of 600mA, which is low for powering servos. We typically suggest providing at least 1A per servo for common servos.

Generally people use 4 cell batteries with their servos; I think it is likely that your servos will work better directly connected to 4 cells than using our regulator. I would suggest checking with your servo manufacturer first to make sure the servos work at the 4-6V range.

- Ryan

Thank you for your help!