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D24V5F3 voltage drop

D24V5F3 drops ~130mV of voltage while drawing ~150mA of current with any input voltage I tested (12V - 24V). Is this normal?
My testing circuit is just a simple 22 ohm resistor connected with a bunch of breadboard wires.
I’ve also connected 22 ohm resistor in series with VIN to limit inrush current when powering up but it makes no difference for the voltage drop - it’s the same with or without the resistor.
Could it be wire resistance/capacitance/inductance/whatever at fault here?
Could a bad soldering job also influence the voltage drop?


A drop of 130mV with a load of 150mA is not normal for the D24V5F3. It is possible poor solder joints or a bad wire could cause excess voltage drop. Could you post pictures of your setup that show all connections? Could you try measuring the voltage directly on the output pins of the regulator?


I think I got it…
I should’ve done this before posting here, but I’ve measured voltage drop across the regulator Vout and GND with the same setup of a load of 22 ohms as close as possible to regulator pins and I got just a few milivolt drop which, I assume, is normal.
Turned out it was wire/connection going from Vout resistance which I measured to be ~0.8 ohms which corresponds with ~130mV drop. I was measuring between the point after that wire/connection and GND and, for some reason, I assumed my wires are perfect. Welp, feel kinda stupid now :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway, Claire. Your products are awesome :wink:

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