D24V5F3 - LED/ESP Install Question

Hello, forgive my ignorance but I’m attempting a project involving installing a 24V LED strip using a 24V power supply and the D24V5F3 to step down the voltage and power an ESP8266 12-E Node MCU as the controller. I saw this in the item description and ordered an approprtiate capacitor but don’t know where I should be connecting it. Can anyone clear up my ignorance for me?


If you are connecting more than 20 V or your power leads or supply has high inductance, we recommend soldering a 33 μF or larger electrolytic capacitor close to the regulator between VIN and GND. The capacitor should be rated for at least 50 V.


As mentioned in the section of the product page description that you copied in your post, the capacitor should be placed closed to the regulator between VIN and GND. The cathode (the shorter lead typically marked by a minus symbol) of your capacitor should be connected to GND, and the anode (the longer lead that is typically unmarked) should be connected to VIN.

If you are still not sure, you can post a picture of your connections before you try to power the regulator and I can check it for you.

- Patrick