D24V50F5 enable pin - debouncing needed?

Hello Pololu Team,

i want to use the Enable pin on my D24V50F5 (Pololu 5V, 5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator) to switch my project on and of…
(so there are less voltage-spikes…)

my power source are 4 Li-ion protected cells in series (10V - 16.8V)
(Lithium Ion Cylindrical Battery - 3.7v 2200mAh)
i just want to connect a simple Toggle Switch between GND and Enable.
these switches can bounce - do i need to make some HW de-bouncing?
or is the enable pin / controller resistant to some bouncing?

i read it has a soft-start function.
and i also can see about 13ms rise time of the voltage with a light test load (57mA - just 3 leds…) on my oscilloscope. so seems this works nicely :wink:

hope i don’t need HW de-bouncing :wink:
sunny greetings

Hello, Stefan.

Is there a reason you do not want to use the switch to control the power instead of the enable line?


my idea was to use the enable line so there are less spikes produced.
another advantage is i could use a smaller switch. (it only needs to handle some mA - instead of the full power)

in the meantime i tried to just use the enable line with a bouncy pushbutton for testing -
and it seems the controller handles it just fine.

Glad to hear it is working for you, thanks for letting us know.