D24V25F5 Dumb Question

Dumb Question – the D24V25F5 ( and other similar supplies ) mention ‘reverse voltage protection’. Common sense would say that this was regarding the input side of the supply, but as it was mentioned right next to ‘short circuit protection’ I was wondering if it meant that there was an ideal diode function built in to the output side of the supply. I am expecting the answer to be no, but this would be handy as I am needing to set up a redundant supply using an ideal diode on the output of each psu.


The reverse voltage protection that is mentioned on our regulator product pages (and all of our other pages) refers to protections against reversing the polarity of input power. None of our regulators have any circuitry for protecting them if their outputs are connected to the outputs of other supplies. It sounds like you already have an idea of what is needed to connect supplies like that, but for any other forum members that are interested, a quick search for “ORing power supplies” brings up lots of information on the topic.