D24V22F5 switch to U3V70F15

Hello ,

I was looking to connect a U3V70f15 board instead of the D24V22F5 on my PCB board as I am going to be supplying my board with less voltage. I was wondering if I was able to connect the respective pins of the U3V70f15 via jumper cables to be able to run my PCB off it. Is there any issues I need to be made aware of before doing so? As in, does the whole board share the same ground or does the GND pin correspond to its respective Vin or Vout on each side of the board?

Thank you


The ground pins on both sides of the board are connected, though it would still be good to have separate connections for the regulator’s input and output ground. Not doing so could increase noise or decrease stability.

If you post pictures of your setup, we can take a look and let you know if we see any issues.

- Patrick